January 17, 2013

Amanda Seyfried and Her Skin's Pink Undertone

Several regular movie-goers know Amanda Seyfried for her starring role in Dear John, whereas those of us who don't pay many visits to the theater may only recognize her for her supporting role as the lovable airhead Karen in Mean Girls.

Amanda Seyfried's celebrity career has been long and fruitful, and her pure, youthful appearance and enormous amount of talent have landed her roles in dozens of successful films and television shows. This woman is constantly in the public eye; from People magazine to Glamour magazine, she's a big name for the press.

Seyfried is as famous for her beautiful appearance as she is for her acting career. In a 2011 issue of People magazine, she ranked number one on the publication's "hotties" list. There is no doubt that she is the envy of women everywhere, and several people are beginning to wonder how she always manages to look so proper and poised, with the right outfit for every occasion. The answer to this is simple and often overlooked; Seyfried's stylists know how to correctly match her skin tone with colors that make her look irresistible. 

Amanda Seyfried is an icon for women with cool skin tones. Her skin has a pink, "cool" undertone that is best suited for cooler colors when it comes to makeup and clothing. Seyfried's skin tone works best with clothing colors that bring ash and smoke to mind; washed out forms of gray, black and dark blue colors suit this actress's skin tone very well, as they give a boost of coolness to her appearance. The jewelry that is best for Seyfried should be silver in color, and the makeup that is applied should follow roughly the same rules as the clothing. If your skin tone is similar to Amanda Seyfried's skin tone, you should be able to glean some use from this celebrity discussion.

The discussion of what doesn't work for cooler skin tones is extremely important. Warm, bright colors often do not work on people with pink, cool undertones and should be avoided. Bright greens, pinks, oranges and reds are often the culprits in making a beautiful woman look plain and disheveled. Colors have a significant psychological impact on how people perceive others, and if you want to look the best, it is important that you choose to wear colors that match your skin tone. When you are using makeup, the same rules tend to apply. Bright eyeliner and mascara do not go with cool skin tones, and it is best not to purchase them.

The rules pertaining to skin tone are basic and easy to remember. Amanda Seyfried's skin tone is cool, and if yours is as well, it may be wise to choose her as one of your style icons. Every woman could use a little self-esteem boost during her day, and there is no better way to obtain one than properly matching clothes and makeup with skin tone. If your skin tone has a more warm appearance, it is advised that you should do some essential research and attempt to discover what colors work best for you, as those discussed in this article work for people with an opposite skin tone.