January 9, 2013

Olive Skin Tone such Penelope Cruz has

When you have olive skin, it can open your world to amazing color combinations that other skin tones just can't accomplish. From dazzling golds and coppers to sensual shades of pinks and purples, having an olive skin tone gives you many advantages when it comes to cosmetics. With such a versatile skin tone you can literally wear very wide range colors you want, you just need to learn which ones look best for your type of skin tone. Learn the many ways you can embrace your glowing skin tone in both fashion and makeup every single day. 

Warm skin tones tend to do well with shiny copper, gold, tan, and light pinks when it comes to makeup choices for lipstick or eyes. For a cool skin tone, deep purples, blues, dark greens, and other jewel tones work great for the eyes, while dark crimson and berry colored lipstick works great for the lips. With olive skin tones, color combinations are easy to accomplish and make wearing makeup fun every day. Happy warm olive skin tone persons can easily wear vivid exotics and bright electrics, while the cool skin tone owners would wear vivid colors only with a good hint of ash, smoke or ice in tones.

Olive skin tones are a huge trend among celebrities today. Perhaps one of the most famous celebrity with olive skin are Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz. You can determine how you want your style to look by following these fashion and celebrity icons and embracing the way they love and enjoy their beautiful warm skin tone. 

Tan is always in fashion, which is why having olive skin is so envious. Since you always look like you have warm and glowing skin, it's easy to figure out how to make your skin look even more glamorous. Simply choose your favorite shimmering colors to bring out the already golden hue in your skin and you'll look amazing every single time. 

You can mix and match your tones for a youthful look, or stick to one main spectrum of color for a more mature appearance. For a fun and flirty feminine look, consider combining pearly pink lips with fuchsia eye shadow. For a more mature, sexy appearance, pair golden brown lipstick with coppery shiny eye shadow. You can mix your favorite colors together because your olive skin tone won't make them look overpowering, which allows you to be more exploratory with your makeup overall.

The sure all-prize make-up for warm olive skin person like Penelope Cruz would be the shiny bronzer to the eyelid area and cheekbone, natural tone pinkish lipstick with some pearl or glossy finish, and from neutral tones of brownish taupes to black ebony as for eye shadows. Some cool or neutral blush accents and black mascara will finish your daily look for every occasion. Only the blushes in this make-up could be matt, but every one another piece should have satin to pearly gloss or shine. Remember, that ashy tones of lipstick could add some dull green to your skin tone.

The best type of makeup to wear for your skin tone depends on your undertone. You can use a chart to determine what your undertone is, but in general if your skin has a pink tint to it, then you are a cool undertone, and if your skin is more yellow based, then your undertone is warm. Knowing your undertone helps you choose the best colors and style of makeup to meet your needs. 

Your hair can help you decide what color works best for your skin tone as well. If your hair is dark or black, stick to cool tone colors. If your hair is golden or lighter brown, then you can wear warm colors nicely. Beauty isn't hard to accomplish, however, and you can wear whatever colors suit your personality best. 

The best part about having an olive skin tone is that you can quite literally wear whatever makeup you want, and only the "but" would be too earthy and ashy tones without golden glowing, mat terracotta or pale smoky grey, for example. Also, too much orange tone lipstick will bring the unnecessary green into your complexion. The sky's the limit when it comes to your style choices, whether you want to look warm and inviting or cool and exotic. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.