December 15, 2011

The Dragon look make up for New Year celebration.

Many of the trend cosmetic companies have called our attention to gold and reds for make up trends for these winter holidays and parties. Somebody can find this boring, but I think gold and red colors are best to express the Asian luxury of the dragon’s imagery. The native Thailand and Chinese dragon decorations are covered with gilding and painted with bright intensive red. We can use the national exotic flavor in our make up to create a hot magnetic look with ethnic motives for your party. This look can be really easy to adapt to any kind of appearance, whatever brunettes or blondes you are. Persons of warm light tan olive skin tone with golden undertone have the best chance to match it. How to create this trendy make up?

  1. The Dragon’s face make up. You can use your regular foundation, but take care about its stability and long lasting for New Year night. For extremely long wear make up you can use the special base or fix, which are usually translucent or lightly pigmented to correct your complexion tone. You can use a little amount of bronzers to warm up your face edge near temples, chin and forehead. Then use blush with a shimmer for healthy glow effect. You need only a small amount of blush just to cheek apple, because your eyes will be rich enough. Shade your bronzer and blush carefully to make the borders hidden and invisible. If you have chosen the matte blush, so you’ll need the luminious powders and cosmetic features also known as highlighters and luminizers. Highlighters can be tinted or pearly white, but choose the finest and delicate textures without large-scale blinking spangles. Highlight slightly your eyelids, cheeks, skin above upper lip, and chin. The mystical shimmering Dragon’s face is done… I feel this make-up would be fabulous for Penelope Cruz type of appearance with light tan olive skintone and golden undertone.
  2. The Dragon’s eyes make up. First of all, it’s better to use the eyeshadow make up base so to get your look long lasting performance. For pale blondes and red haired persons the smoky eyes slightly elongated to temple would be fine, for inspiration you can have a look on the recent Indian-style PARIS-BOMBAY M√ČTIERS D’ART collection of Chanel. Using black kajal and waterproof eye liner create the eye outline then shade it. Blend the onyx, dark-grey or black shadows with eyeliner lines on eyelid skin. The brushes would be more suitable for this work than the typical applicators with sponge. Shade well so to take the haze effect of your smoky eyes. Yes, only the tints of black, but how they accent any eye color! The doubtless high of classic smoky eyes is that this make up workaround conceals puffiness and dark circles. The neutral to olive skin tone persons would look outstanding with hints of gold on eyelids. You can use gold colored shadows or liners combining them with tints on black and brown. For more dramatic look you can use red eye shadows and red liquid liner, or combine two colors of well-defined lines, in gold and black, for example. Whatever eyes make up you’ll create finish your eyes with black mascara.
  3. The Dragon’s lips make up. If you’ve chosen smoky eyes, so use the pale golden nude tones of lipstick or lip gloss. In this case you don’t have to create an accurate defined lip outline. If your eye make up is in gold or even red with combining black you can use deeply red lipstick with the same undertone as your own skin has. Your sheer red lipstick can enclose the real gold dust in its formula. You can use the transparent invisible lip contour pencil to make the long lasting lips make up. Adding some glittering lip gloss will make your lips shine like Asian jewel, and lacquer lips glosses will bring the charm of varnished antiques of emperors.